Portable Pool Table Rentals
If you need a new idea for fundraising for your school, church, sports team, cheer squad or any other venue, you have come to the right place. You can either rent the tables individually or have us run the event for you.  The tables rent for $200 each and you are on your own.  If you would like us to run the event for you, we can help you get your costs down to as little as $10 per person and you can charge whatever you want. You supply the prizes and we supply everything you need to play.  Call or email for more information and ideas.

Along with the fundraiser tournament, we also offer a raffle where, depending on the size of the fundraiser, we can have a drawing where up to 4 people can have a chance at winning $5000 that will be split with the charity.  The people who are lucky enough to have their name drawn, will have 1 chance to make an 8 ball on the break.  This is a great addition to any tournament or league to draw in the people and make for an interesting end to any event!

Make sure you ask us how you can get the tables sponsored so ALL the proceeds go the fundraiser!!!
What you will need to run a successful fundraising tournament?

  • A minimum of 20 people willing to participate
  • Refreshments for the guests
  • A house or venue large enough to handle the tables and the guests
  • You will also need some sort of "payout" for the winners of the tournament.  It can either be a cash prize out of your portion of the entry or we can help you with some ideas for prizes instead of cash
Remember our tables can be played both indoors or outdoors.
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